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Our mission

The starving artist is a way too common theme... I had a vision to start a movement to empower all kinds of artists and unite us all as one. Out of this vision and commitment to stand for creators worldwide, Apparel for the Thriving Artist was born. 

At ATA, we strive to make clothing that brings out your inner and outer best. Your mind and spirit are elevated through a profound bit of distilled wisdom that acts as an inspiring mantra. Your physique is crowned in key areas to inspire confidence and grace. We believe that by keeping a clean, open design, your creative energy is free to flow and express itself in all that you do.

Art and music education is underfunded and at a critical state right now. As a part of our mission, we have partnered with the Adopt the Arts foundation and pledge to give a portion of our profits to restoring music and art in our schools.

Create yourself a shirt and experience a truly inspiring garment.
— Alex Raykin • CEO & Founder